Thursday, January 7, 2010


After finding myself saying some interesting things in response to (my) life's interesting situations, I decided to make a list of things I've said that I never thought I would (have to) hear myself say:
1. We do not paint on the door with yogurt.
2. We do not pull our pants down in front of other people. That is not a game.
3. Please don't pee on your outside toys.
4. "Get off me you bodaggit" is not really a very nice thing to say to the Bishop. (That's a line from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, in case you're not as obsessed with it as much as certain members of our family.)
5. How did you manage to drop: Thomas, my watch, your sword, Lightning McQueen... in the toilet?
6. I'm pretty sure the neighbors do not want you decorating their tree with your underwear. What? Oh, well trying to get your underwear caught up in the neighbor's tree is not a game.
7. You threw your underwear over the neighbors fence? (see #6)
8. The toilet brush is not a sword, we do not play with it.
9. Me: Don't fill up on fruit, we're having dinner soon. Kincaid: What's for dinner? Me: pancakes.
10. I am not a napkin, please don't wipe your face/hands on me.
11. I am not a tissue, please don't wipe your nose on me.
12. You have cheese in your eyebrow.
13. Why are you cuddling with your brother's dirty diaper? (at least it was only a wet one)
14. Who put the whoopie cushions under our pillows?
15. Putting a clean pair of undies over the dirty ones is not changing your underwear, you have to take the dirty ones off first. The same goes for socks.

There are so many more, but I keep forgetting to write them down and then I can't remember them. Oh well... life with kids is crazy, huh?

I plan on adding some more pics and updates soon, but I am still figuring out our new computer. Happy New Year!


Braydan and Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, that was the funniest thing I've read in a long time :) The underwear over the fence is my favorite!

Bug said...

That was hilariouss!!! I remember when we were in college and we would mess around saying, "We don't hit." And now we actually end up saying the craziest things. Those all sound like things I say.

Amy said...

Thank you for this post! That was so funny! It is so fun to see the funny side of these crazy situations we ALL end up in.

LizzyP said...

Number 15 is the best. Having kids is pure comedy.

Donya said...

These are darned funny! Somehow it's never as funny in the moment as it is afterwards. What a treasure.