Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Team Sports

I have been a bit preoccupied lately, but I decided to post about our newest adventure: team sports!  K started t-ball last week and is loving it.  Big S volunteered as his teams coach (hence the nickname "coach")  and is having fun and doing a great job.  I think the idea was a bit intimidating at first: he is not a huge sports guy and not really a team sports person at all, but when he heard that it was no scores, no outs, they each run one base no matter how hard/where they hit, and he gets a free t-shirt out of the deal, it sounded a lot more manageable.  We are team #27 (they picked a name at practice yesterday, I haven't heard what it is yet - it must be terribly dynamic).  I was thinking something "Electric" given the dynamic color of our shirts (they told us we were sage green - someone is either misinformed, color-blind, or both).  See K in all his electric green home-run glory below: 

There was a team for 3-4 year olds, but we opted not to sign H up this year.  However, he has done almost nothing but play t-ball since the first practice.  I felt bad at first for not signing him up, but he is having so much fun playing in the backyard, and sneaking out on the field whenever I'm not looking that he doesn't know he's not on the team.  Oh the joy of obliviousness! (obliviousness is a word, right?)

Little M has no clue about any of this, he just likes to sit around, make noise and eat.  Come to think of it, that's all anybody in our house likes to do, really.

Mother's Day has just come and gone and Coach S asked me at the end of the day what was my favorite part of Mother's Day.  You know what I said?  "When you made me sit down and eat lunch as soon as we got home from church while you and the boys cleaned up the house."  Am I sounding like a mom or what?!  I guess it means a lot when they realize that what would mean the most to you is recognizing all the work you do and giving you a little break from it.  Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful women out there who have shown me what it means to be a strong, capable, happy woman and mother.  To my friends, sisters, sisters-in-law, grandmas, and especially my wonderful and amazing mother and mother-in-law. You ladies are the best!  Can I just say I love my boys and I love being a mom?