Sunday, June 8, 2008

30 Things I Love About You...

So much has happened, and I hate to admit that I am almost as bad at this blogging thing than I am at my journal.  One good thing though: I did take a lot of great pictures, thinking I would post them on my blog, that I otherwise probably wouldn't have.  
S's 30th birthday came and went, and so did father's day. So, in honor of those holidays, I want to publicly declare that I am madly in love with my husband, and that he is the best man for me in the world, ever.  And, since he's 30, here are 30 things that I love about him:

1.  He's loves food as much (and maybe more) than I do.
2.  He does the dishes, laundry, vacuums, mops, even toilets sometimes - often without me asking or nagging first.
3.  The way he looks when he comes home from a run when his hair is all wet and curly and he is totally energized.
4.  He is dang handsome.
5.  He always strives do what he feels is right.
6.  His obsession with writing utensils and things Made in the USA.
7.  He has a great sense of humor.
8.  He loves music.
9.  He is always very supportive of me and my personal endeavors.
10.  He has taught me how to laugh at myself.
11.  He has great teeth and a great smile.
12.  He is honest with me about his opinions; I never have to guess if what he is saying is how he really feels.
13.  He is very logical and can explains things to me in a logical way that my otherwise artistic/emotional brain wouldn't be able to comprehend.
14.  He loves our boys.
15.  He treats me like he thinks I am amazing.
16.  He looks hot with a mustache (that is saying something!).
17.  He makes our family a priority.
18.  He doesn't have expensive taste; and he has taught me to realize that sometimes there is a justifiable reason to pay more.
19.  He is ticklish (even though he would never let me get away with trying to tickle him).
20.  He is teaching the boys to respect me and women in general by treating me with respect and sticking up for and supporting me.
21.  He is very passionate about the things he cares about.
22.  I could make any combination of beans, rice, and cheese in a tortilla (quesadilla, burrito, taco, nachos, etc.) for dinner and he would be ecstatic.
23.  He loves fruit, he considers it dessert  (I have a very different definition of dessert, but I love that about him).
24.  He holds very high standards and expectations for himself (he is probably too hard on himself at times).
25.  How much fun he and the boys have playing and dancing and wrestling together.
26.  I love that he taught me to notice and appreciate a great scream in a song.
27.  His to-do lists.
28.  His massive t-shirt collection.
29.  How hard he tries to understand me and all my illogical emotions, even when I don't understand myself.
30.  That he makes me feel like he is as madly in love with me as I am with him.