Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching up - part 2: November

November began with Henry's birthday. I like to make creative cakes based on whatever my boys are into or request. Henry requested cupcakes with chocolate frosting and m&m's on top. I had to do something creative so this was it:

it says: : "Henry turns 5 today!"

Henry probably has the most personality crammed into one little body I know. He has a passion for living life to its fullest (for good or bad), that often proves to be contagious. He keeps things lively around here that's for sure. We love you Yanni!
On Henry's birthday we started a family round of swine flu, paired with a dead washing machine. Kincaid got sick first, then Henry, then me, then Miles, and finally Charlie (who was only about 5 weeks old at the time). Needless to say I was a mess by the time Charlie came down with it. Luckily, and miraculously, Sam was able to stay healthy and help me restore sanity. Thanks also to my wonderful friends for all their help and support during our rough time (Amber even came over to help fish a toy out of Miles' nose. That is true friendship right there!).

Later in the month we blessed Charlie at church. The day before Sam, all his brothers, his dad, and a few grandsons shaved their heads for and with Sam's mom, to support her and her battle with cancer. It was quite a sight to see so many balds heads around Charlie during the blessing. My dad and cousin with their full heads of black hair (or dark brown depending on who you ask) really stood out! It was great to have everyone's support, you guys are awesome and we love you all! We had not yet taken a family picture with Charlie, so I took advantage of the occasion. This is the best we could get, but at least we're all in it.

Here is mom and Charlie on blessing day.

Here is Charlie in his blessing outfit. What a handsome little man!

Next was Thanksgiving. I was a little busy celebrating (stuffing my face) to take many pictures, but I got a couple. Here is Charlie almost 2 months old wearing his Thanksgiving outfit.

My sister Kristy and her husband Aaron and their 2 girls came up for Thanksgiving. It was so fun to see them and hang out! I even got to get in a thrift store shopping trip with my mom and sister, just like the old days. It was great. Here is a picture of Caid, Miles, and Henry with my nieces on Thanksgiving. Do you see the resemblance? Poor Henry looks like the odd man out. The cousins had a blast together all week. Thanks for coming guys!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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