Friday, January 8, 2010

Catching up - part 1: Halloween

Unfortunately I have no funny stories or clever words to share, but because I love looking at pictures of my kids, I am posting about the last few months at our house to try and catch up. First, Halloween: Our pumpkin carving was done in waves. Sam's brother and his family host a big group pumpkin carving party every year at their church. We decided to go this year and carved 2 of our pumpkins then.

Henry was the only one really interested in carving the pumpkins, well besides me, but Charlie was only a couple of weeks old at that point so I ended up with him 90% of the time. Sam was less than excited about being left to take over, so he let Henry go at it all on his own. Luckily they now have kid-safe carving tools that are surprisingly effective.

The preschool I am doing with Henry went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch and I invited my sister and her kids to come along.

I was hoping to get a great "pumpkin patch" shot of the 3 boys (Henry, Miles and Charlie) and I together, but the boys didn't share my enthusiasm. This was the best I could get. Henry wouldn't get in the shot at all and this is the closest Miles would get to me. Oh well...

Along with some other fun things, the boys each got to pick out their own pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch to take home. So that night commenced round two of our pumpkin carving. Miles and Henry were both excited to carve their own pumpkins.

Halloween day itself was fun. After we finished our Saturday chores (Saturday is a special day, right?), we took the boys over to our parents to show off their costumes. My mom and dad had a fun "fishing game" set up for the boys to play to get their treats from them. They had a lot of fun with it. Luckily I thought to take a picture of the boys with my parents while we were there because the rest of the day I spaced it and that was my only shot of them in their costumes all day. I kept meaning to put them all in their costumes again and do a re-take later, but Charlie has now grown out of his and with it being January now and I still haven't done it I guess it's time to move on... Here's the boys and my parents, and then a close-up of Charlie in his. Kincaid was the red power ranger, Henry was Buzz Lightyear, Miles was a firefighter, and Charlie was a pirate.

Happy Halloween!

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