Monday, May 17, 2010

How do you do it?

Okay all you fabulous, talented, hard-working ladies out there. And yes, I am talking to you, too. I want to know how you do it? You blog, sew, scrapbook, read, make jewelry/hair accessories, cook fabulous food, exercise, do photography, decorate your homes, do woodworking, paint, help other people, and many, many more things; and your kids are taken care of. Your houses are clean, your laundry is folded and put away (enough of the time). You check and reply to your emails and do your church callings, too. And I want to know how you do it? I am not looking for words of encouragement. I am not being hard on myself, and I do recognize I have a young needy baby at the moment. I want to know how you do it. Do you stay up late, get up early, neglect your housework on and off? Do you wait until your husband is home and let him take over the kids awhile, put them in front of the TV, drop them off at grandma's, get a babysitter, or trade with other moms? How organized are you to get all this done?

I am finally starting to feel like I might be able to handle life again, but that just means I can buy and prepare meals, stay caught up on the laundry (enough), and get everyone where they need to go. That doesn't cover all the other things on my to-do list. So again, I am not looking for affirmation, just how it works at your house.
I am waiting your juicy tidbits of wisdom or confession. (You can email me if you don't want your answer going public :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Chocolate Cake vs. the Gym

First of all, no explanations or excuses about my blogging habits, I've said it all before.

I have 2 great goals/desires for myself. I want to bake delicious food. I love to bake, and always have. I just got a book recently (Bakewise by Shirley Corriher) and I have been reading it more intently than any textbook I have ever read. It fascinates me to discover what each ingredient in baking does and how it effects your final result and then use that to fine tune a recipe to get just what I want. I don't want to be the best (home)baker. I used to think I did, then I realized that I don't want to be compared to anyone else and their baked goods, I just want for me and those I serve to thoroughly enjoy what I bake.
My other desire for myself is to get in shape. I have a few goals and numbers I am working on specifically, but mostly I just want to be more active and healthier.
There is a conflict of interest here. How can I spend my time trying out new recipes for pound cake, from-scratch brownies and lime cream tortes when I am trying to be healthier and even lose a few lbs in the process? I can't give it all away (the food, that is), I don't have enough self-control to do that. After all, part of the reason for wanting to bake is to eat it, right? Maybe I need to get up earlier and burn more calories to make up for it... I don't know. I am too passionate about these goals to to give up on either one yet. Any ideas?