Thursday, January 21, 2010

Waving the white flag and a good piece of pie

I surrender! I spent almost a week of my life in my kids bathroom singing songs, reading books and shouting the accolades of chocolate chips and dinosaur stickers for naught. Wednesday night Miles started showing signs of progress in potty training; but after Miles got up from his nap Thursday afternoon we went back to 0, zilch, nothing. I was back to "running to the potty" every 10 minutes, followed 3 minutes later with cleaning up the floor. Worn out, increasingly discouraged, and overwhelmed with all I had not accomplished that week, I gave up Saturday evening. I am not a quitter, but I know when to say uncle. I only decided to try potty training because he was showing signs that "the experts" claimed made him ready. He wasn't. So we gave up for now, we're friends again, and we'll resume it in a few months when conditions will hopefully be more ideal. I have been known to get on a soap box about potty training, but there's nothing like a good piece of humble pie to teach you to keep your trap shut and realize that no matter how much you've learned you will still be surprised.


Amber said...

Wow, Emily I got on my computer to finally take care of some necessary RS emails and realized Emily posted 4!!! Way to go. Maybe you finally have the blogging bug. =)

Donya said...

For one who is not a committed blogger, you have done a fine job of posting! Cute cupcakes, fun pics, good go girl!