Thursday, January 31, 2008


H and I were having a conversation today and I said, "H, I love you."  And he said, "I love dinosaurs."  "You don't love mommy?" "O' course I love mommy.  O' course I love dinosaurs."  (pause)  
"You weird, right mommy?"  "Yes, I'm weird." "yeah, you weird."

Word for word (or at least to my best recollection) that's how the conversation went.  Although there might have been another "I love dinosaurs" in there.

I love what my kids say when they are talking honestly, even if it means I am weird and and less important than dinosaurs.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Enter Us

Okay, I succumbed.  I always thought that blogging was not for me.  Like scrap-booking, it was fine for other people, and it was fun to look at theirs, but it wasn't my thing.  Yet here I am... 
I know some of you reading this are laughing at me right now (and that's okay, I'd be laughing at me too if I wasn't me).  I realized that I am terrible at writing things down and keeping a journal. There are so many funny note-worthy things that happen in life that have not got recorded that I decided it was worth swallowing my pride, being willing to eat my words and try a new route.  So here we go...
First, an introduction: (while I realize that most everyone reading this probably already knows us, I'm going to introduce us all anyway, so just humor me. Or skip ahead.)

S - my wonderful husband of 7 years.  He teaches science (and some other things I think) in a middle through high school for kids with behavior problems and runs, rides his bike, writes or reads in his spare time. (He doesn't always have a mustache, that's another story for another day; it was a handsome picture of him and the one of the few of him not making a face.) 

Me-  My profile says more about my interests, I am just waiting for some spare time to do them.  I was one of five girls (plus mom) in my family and am now figuring out what it means to be the only female, and how to live with males (keep your sense of humor and lots of food handy).

K - He loves art and anything with wheels.  In fact, he said, "I like cars. I want cars." long before he learned how to say "mama".  He let me know very early where I stood on the list of priorities.  (There were no pictures of K not making a face.)

H - H is in constant mess-making mode.  He loves dinosaurs, super-heroes, cooking and anything K is doing.  He also loves being a big boy and a big brother to M, sometimes a little too much.

M - He loves putting things in his mouth and his big brothers.  He is surprisingly VERY patient with all the "love" they bestow upon him; he puts up with quite a bit. (And no, he doesn't know any martial arts.)

Yesterday we got snow (about 3 inches)!  In Washington that means that school is cancelled, no one goes anywhere (including work) unless its absolutely necessary and the only people on the road are those who are excited to finally try out their 4 wheel drive, have on chains (you think I'm joking), or transplants from other states who know how to drive in snow.  I was born, raised, and have lived my whole life in Washington (except 2 years of college in Idaho), and I love it; but I realize that Washingtonians are wimpy about some things - and snow is at the top of the list.  

I also discovered that I am getting old.  When I was younger I could spend all day playing in the snow:  building snowmen and forts, sledding, eating snow...  But yesterday I didn't even go out at all, except to take some pictures.  I couldn't get excited enough to even put on my snow clothes (too much work).  K went outside for a little while, but only after his friend came over to get him, twice.  H didn't want to go at all.  I was pondering on our kids lack of adventurousness then realized maybe I need to be a little more adventurous myself, even if it means getting cold and wet and spending twice as much time putting on everyone's snow clothes than we'll actually be outside.  I'll work on that.