Friday, February 29, 2008

Boys and Sticks and Dirt

I'm a day late on this because it is now, as I type, raining again.  But the past 2 weeks have been beautiful here (definitely not typical February Seattle weather) and my boys have rediscovered the joy that is playing outside. 
H put on his boots and found a stick.  K got his new big truck and they went to work. 

While I am less than thrilled about the new mud pile now sitting at the bottom of our slide (of course I told them to put the dirt back when they were done, but apparently hearing and listening are 2 entirely different things), I love watching my boys enjoy our backyard and get a little dirty once in awhile.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, except it was cute. So I put it in.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Various and Sundry

Much has happened since my last post and I am going to try to get it all in as short a post as possible... so be prepared for a novel, or to just not finish reading this post if you get bored - take your pick.
First M's firsts.  On February 9th M rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first time.  He can now do it on purpose and is enjoying it immensely.  His next first:
He earned his wings!  M and I took a trip to Utah to visit my sisters.  I know traveling with children can be hazardous to a person's health, but he was amazing!  The trip down was ideal, almost unfairly (but I'm not complaining).  The airport people let me cut in the front of the security line and most everyone I talked to wanted to be helpful to "the lady with the baby".  Not only did he get his own seat on the plane (which we didn't pay for) - but we got our own row.  And every row around us only had 1 person in it.  He slept for all but the last half hour of the flight and then quietly and happily played with his toys until we landed.  I don't think it could've been any easier.  The flight home was another story...  While it was not a nightmare, I just hope that none of you have to change a major blow-out diaper in an airplane lavatory. That is an experience I could've gone without. 
My trip was a blast.  I stayed up late, watched movies, went swimming, went shopping (and actually got to buy stuff), ate a lot of yummy unhealthy (and some healthy) food and spent time with 3 of my sisters and their families.  I found myself facing my life with much more patience and humor when I got back, which I am sure everyone appreciated.  My sisters took great care of M and me and we had a marvelous vacation, thanks guys!
M's final first:  He got his first tooth!  I discovered it yesterday, Sunday the 24th.  It is still too little to see in a picture, but it's there.
Moving on...
K had his first school Valentine's Day.  He made HotWheels valentines for all the kids in his class and a homemade one for his teacher.  I missed the class party because I was on my trip and I feel like a terrible mom and wife for being gone on Valentines Day, but I don't think he even missed me.  (I still like to pretend that the other 2 did though). 

My final juicy tidbits.  I have been tagged, twice (may be even 3 times) now, so I am going to just get them in all right here and now.  If you are not interested in knowing anymore about me or the twisted inner workings of my mind, stop now, there is nothing left here of interest for you.  
Since I am now all by myself... off we go.
Tag #1
10 years ago:  I was a senior in high school (yes, the 10 year reunion e-vite has already arrived).  I was in everything, doing everything, oblivious to a lot of things, having a blast and getting ready to move on and go to college.
On my to-do list: Fold the 6 loads of laundry I washed today before S gets tired of looking at them and wearing wrinkly clothes and does it himself.  Trim the rest of my bushes before Spring comes and they get even bigger.  Post these tags (I can check that one off).  Bake cookies for the Bishop for substituting for my sunday school class for me.
5 places I've lived: 5 different cities in WA and Rexburg, ID.  (I know that's 6, but I don't really claim Kent:)
5 jobs I've had:  Chart and file clerk for a sports medicine clinic.  Resident assistant in the on-campus girl's dorms.  EFY (summer youth camp) counselor.  Apartment manager.  Currently a stay-at-home mom and hairstylist on the side. 
If I had a billion dollars:  I would buy a big, cool, old house and fix it up; get rid of our Subaru as fast as humanly possible and buy a larger vehicle (a 7 seater hybrid SUV) so I don't have to bruise anyone every time we buckle kids in car seats; and then put the rest in savings knowing that  I finally can hope to feed three teenage boys (and their father) 10 or so years from now (we are already dealing with a constant "I'm starving," and he's only 6)!
Bad Habits:  When I am tired at night (which is every night - see previous post) I am too lazy to put my clothes away so I just leave them in a pile on the floor until one of us gets tired of looking at them (too often S).  I eat way too many sweets.
Things I enjoy: Sweets (baking and eating them), music, my family and the sun.
One thing you don't know about me:  I have to think about this one..
(just FYI: The above was written last night, I am now finishing this Tuesday morning)
Tag #2
5 Things I did today: Woke up to a freezing cold house.  Made waffles.  Had a repairman come fix my furnace.  Built a fort on H's bed. Spent all the money (and then some) that I was going to use to buy a new bath mat and bathroom towels to pay the repairman.
5 Things I need to do:  My hair. My make-up.  Get dressed.  Fold my laundry. Make my bed.
5 Things I'll do when (not if) I strike it rich: See above + 4. Take my family on a hot sunny vacation.  5.  Plant a garden and fruit trees and get a big wood play structure in my yard.
5 Places I've lived: See above
5 Memories I have with my family:  Many a long and often exciting drive to Idaho or Utah for summer vacations.  Having the car break down on over a third of those vacations.  Going thrift store shopping on days off.  Having most or all of everyone there at all of my music and sports events.  Mad libs, back rubs, and sleepovers on the trampoline.
5 of my bad qualities or habits:  See above + 3. I can get very self-absorbed.  4.  I can get so zoned out on the TV or computer that my kids could be wreaking all kinds of havoc and I would be completely oblivious until its too late. (I wonder what I'll discover after I finish this post...)   5.  (I am embarrassed to admit this but I know a lot of you out there do it too whether or not you'll admit it) I pick my nose.
5 Things people probably don't know about me:  (and I thought one was hard) 1. I used to wish I was an ice skater - I've since discovered I am too wussy.  2. I used to and still do wish I was a singer - I would love to perform on stage.  3.  I can make a sound just like a cricket.  4.  I am overall a fairly easy-going person, but I worry too much about silly things that I can't do anything about (i.e. something stupid I said 2 weeks (or years) ago, if a drunk driver is going to hit me while I'm driving home at night, etc.)  5.  I don't like raisins in any baked goods.  I think they ruin the whole thing and have no place there.`

So Cailean, Amber, Hilary, Julie, and Cheryl - Tag, you're it!  (pick one or none, I'm just trying to check this off my to-do list.)
That's it for now...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I will apologize in advance for the absence of any cute pictures in this post.  A warning: I am venting.
So, over the past three months I have discovered that night is just like day, except its dark outside.  I used to think it was a time when everyone slept and all was quiet and well, different from and perhaps even more magical than day; but its not. At my house, nighttime is just like daytime. People want to eat (meals or snacks), they have accidents, want to change their clothes (sometimes more than once), need help going to the bathroom, need their sheets changed, need help finding favorite toys or socks, having blankets put back on them when they wiggle around too much, want help making or fixing forts, and various other things I can't think of at the moment.  Nighttime is just like daytime, except I get to lay down and close my eyes in between tasks.

So tonight I am (hopefully) getting some girl time and so I decided that I would try to get a cat nap in this afternoon while M was down so I could try and get a little ahead of the game in case I get back a little late (hee hee!).  I was sabotaged!  I was continuously interrupted.  Every time I was almost asleep, someone woke me up.  After a very frustrating hour, I gave up.  So now here I am.  And you know where they are?  M is asleep, H is asleep, and K   is quietly coloring a picture of his favorite "Car" of the week: Boost.  Can someone tell my why it is that they choose to be quiet and self-occupied now that I am wide awake and any ideas I had of napping are far, far away?  Anyone?  Well, then I will go with my original thought: it was sabotage.   I guess moms just aren't meant for sleep.  One of these nights I know I will get to fall asleep at bedtime and I will stay there all-night (can you imagine?) and wake up to my alarm clock (instead of someone crying) and realize that I have been in my bed all night.  I know it will happen, someday.  Until then I guess I just have to settle for the fact that at my house, night is just like day.

I am now done venting.  I will put on a happy face, suck it up, and stop complaining.  I realize that I am not the only sleep-deprived mother (or person really) out there, so my self-pity is over.  But for those of you who are still here reading this: thanks for listening.  And in case you're bored tonight at 1ish, 3ish and 5ish am, I'll be up, so maybe we can chat?!  (Okay, okay I'm sorry, I really am done).