Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

While I don't think there is a whole lot of (if any) Irish in me, my favorite color happens to be green so I can't help but get into a holiday that encourages me to incorporate as much green into my day as possible.  We started out the day with big green smiley face chocolate chip pancakes.  K loved them!

H was less than fond of the idea.  I had to force him to first taste a chocolate chip from a pancake before he would even taste a bite of the actual pancake.  I took this picture after he finally tasted the pancakes and decided he would allow me to put one on his plate.  (If this picture were bigger, you could see the huge tears on his cheeks.)

Our day was not entirely centered on St. Patrick's Day, however.  I have a major itching lately to do home improvement projects and decorate the boy's room.  I got an idea. K and I gathered whatever supplies we had around the house; and voila!  The boys very own homemade Cars clock.  It's not my permanent fix for the clock, but K is excited about it.  He hasn't even let me put it back on his wall yet.

S went on a camp-out with the scouts at church recently which made the boys remember they had a small tent of their own.  We discovered that it fit nicely on H's bed and there it's stayed.  This is H taking a nap in the tent (one of the VERY few naps in the past 9 months). Every night the boys get excited about sleeping in the tent and (cheerfully even) take turns sleeping in it.  Maybe this tent thing is a better idea than I thought...

For all you who haven't seen them yet, whether or not you wanted to, here is the first and only picture I have of M's teeth.  It's hard to see them (especially in the midst of all that cheek pudge the camera so effectively enhanced), but they are there.

Can I just say that I am SOOOO tired of winter and everyone being sick?  We've all been sick and busy lately hence the lack of posting.  I almost thought about getting some pictures of our pink-eye adventures as of late, but decided to spare us all that visual image.  Suffice it to say, we had several pink (and a few other colors I''ll leave up to your imagination) eyes.  It wasn't so terrible, except I was so paranoid of spreading it that I was constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer.  Which is all well and good except my hands were already dry and then they then started to dry out even more and crack; alcohol-based hand sanitizer isn't exactly soothing on open wounds.  Anyway, enough said about all that... my whole point was I am so so so so ready for sunshine and warm weather and no more colds, coughs, dry skin, runny noses, gray skies and cabin fever.  Yes I love the northwest, but even us born and raised Washingtonians can get a little crazy after 5 months of cold,wet greyness.  Enough complaining.  I said my peace.  On to Spring!


Braydan and Jessica said...

I love the picture of Henry! So funny. How did you make that clock? You've got major skills I think. I agree about the cabin fever (this is why I impulsively painted my whole kitchen and family room!)THanks for the paint by the way. I'll try a little spot today and see if I like it.

KANDY said...

Emily~ I do not believe you when you say you made that clock!! :) It looks like something from the store!! Way 2 are an inspiration! As far as the weather goes......tell me about it! I am so incredibly depressed!! I am desperate for some sun, and despite the is taking me every bit of strength NOT to go to the tanning bed! UGH! t.t.f.n.

Kirstin said...

Amen to the sickness part...and the hand sanitizer on open wounds part...I'm so ready for spring!

Amber said...

Oh, man that picture of Henry makes me laugh so hard!! And you said you hadn't done anything yesterday. Whatever. You are amazing. The clock looks incredible. How did you do it? I am with you on the whole weather thing. I am going to go get paint this week and start project-mania at my house. So I don't go crazy.
Wow that is a really rambly mess of a comment =). Have a great day!