Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Week in Pictures

I know I'm a bit late on this, but I am finally (for the third time) trying to get my Easter weekend pictures posted.  (If you're reading this it means I was finally successful, yea!)  We started our Easter celebration Friday night coloring Easter eggs.

Can you guess whose egg is whose?  (Hints:  2 are K's and his 2 favorite trains of the week were Molly- a yellow train and Diesel 10- a brown train. H likes to copy K (his name is written on one of them, it's probably too hard to see), and my favorite color is green.  In case you care, H and I made the the two-toned ones and S made the orange polka-dotted one.)  We have serious talent in our family! 

Saturday morning we went to our community Easter egg hunt.  H took a while to catch on to the idea so he only got 4 eggs (man, there were some over-zealous "helpful" parents on the "parents encouraged to stay off" field.  Did someone forget to tell them they only had Hershey's kisses and imitation flavored Tootsie rolls in them?) but he was happy.
K's field went on the count down for the 2 and under field and H and I had the camera at his field so I missed seeing him or getting any pictures.  But he had fun and got some eggs too.

After the egg hunts the boys got to jump in a bouncy house.

While we were waiting in line for the bouncy house my friend came by to say hi and offered to take a family picture.  This is one of a handful of family pictures ever taken of the 5 of us.  (Thanks Kandy!)

The Easter bunny was there and H wanted to go say hi and get his picture taken with him. K shyly declined and went to the playground and watched us from afar.

Sunday morning began with the traditional "mad-dash to get everyone fed, clean, dressed and presentable for church while not completely destroying the house or losing any tempers."  Oh, I mean the traditional "Easter basket and egg hunt."  FYI: The Easter bunny is not totally lame at our house, the multi grain Cheerios are for M because he is now starting to eat finger foods and can't have candy yet.  Although H has already managed to sneak him some.

Another cold and rainy Easter in Seattle!  
(Notice H is wearing his swimming shorts, of course)

After church we went to my parents and ate bacon and waffles with fresh strawberries! (Yum, I hardly ever get bacon).  My parents did an Easter egg hunt with the boys and their cousin.  They got started too quick for me to get pictures.  They each got a pair of PJ's along with some candy.  (In case you can't tell, M's pj's have a crab on the shirt front and it says "Crabby."  How fitting.)

After my parents we went to S's brother's house for dinner and another egg hunt.  I made this rainbow layer jell-o thing that took me forever and looked beautiful.  I should have taken a picture.  Yes, it was just a jell-o dish, but there were 7 different colored layers and each had to set for at least 45 minutes before you could lay the next so it took me a LONG time to make it.  Although I was flattered it got eaten as quickly as it did, I almost had to remind myself not to be sad as it was quickly cut into and mashed around and no one even stopped to look at the beauty that was my jell-o salad.  

This is a picture of the boys and some of their cousins just before the egg hunt.

I had every intention of making a better effort this year to take more opportunity's to teach my children the true meaning and significance of Easter.  I think we will do another Family Home Evening about it.  But let me just say now that I know that Christ lived and died and lived (and lives) again for all of us so that we could all live again as well.  As fun as candy and dinners and egg hunts and family parties are, there is nothing that tops the significance and wonder that is the real celebration of Easter.


Braydan and Jessica said...

That's funny about the jello. Maybe you won't be making that again for a while :) Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I love the "crabby" Miles one. What a cute family.

KANDY said...

Yeah Emily!!! You did it! I love all the hard work that goes into your posts and I love the Family picture. It was a good Easter. :)
C-ya at church.....

Cailean said...

Wow Emily that was a fun post to read and you guys definitely did a LOT of fun Easter activities! I love the pajama photo! I just can't believe how big Kincaid is - wow! I love your short hair too. I don't think it was ever that short while you were in the ward! I have seen that rainbow Jello thingy done before and yes it is beautiful! Congrats for making it - it sounds too pretty to eat! :)

LizzyP said...

You look great, Emily! I mean, it's only been six years or something since I've seen you! So how do you know Cailean? I knew her in the Seventh Ward and I knew you in the Greenwood Ward? Were you guys in the Seventh Ward at some point? I'm curious.

Anita Adams said...

Thank you Emily, for the post! I feel included because you took the time! What a great family picture! and Miles wins with the crab - so cute!

Amber said...

Wow! I am always so impressed with how well you celebrate the holidays! You really make it fun for your kids. Maybe I should try the whole Easter basket thing next year. Of course, that is what I probably said last year =). Anyway, I loved your creative dyed Easter eggs. You guys rock!! And Good job Miles playing the part of the crab =)!