Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Discovery

I thought I heard that adults don't get pink eye.  I was misinformed.  My cracked and burning dry but sanitized hands were in vain.  And now S feels like he is getting a cold.  Aaahh!  So, despite my hopes of everyone being better, we're back to the old "getting better" phase, I hope.   (But hey, at least now I know that H wasn't just a whiner about his eye drops, they really do sting.) 
Today my oh-so exciting plans are to wash all the sheets and go around the house and wipe down everything with Lysol wipes.  

Very soon I am going to stop complaining and find something wonderful or exciting to post about... I promise.


Cheryl said...

I had pink eye a few months ago and thought the same thing about the drops. I guess I should start listening to my children and their complaining!

Cailean said...

That sounds so painful!!! I'm so sorry to hear you've been through such icky viruses. Let's hope you'll be able to all stay well for months and months!

MattnBeck said...

I wish we didn't get pink eye! It went through the entire house and I thought I was safe......then I started having a dry feeling and goop in my eye. Not good. We all feel your pain in our house. Good luck.