Friday, February 29, 2008

Boys and Sticks and Dirt

I'm a day late on this because it is now, as I type, raining again.  But the past 2 weeks have been beautiful here (definitely not typical February Seattle weather) and my boys have rediscovered the joy that is playing outside. 
H put on his boots and found a stick.  K got his new big truck and they went to work. 

While I am less than thrilled about the new mud pile now sitting at the bottom of our slide (of course I told them to put the dirt back when they were done, but apparently hearing and listening are 2 entirely different things), I love watching my boys enjoy our backyard and get a little dirty once in awhile.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, except it was cute. So I put it in.


Braydan and Jessica said...

Nice dirt pile. Maybe you can use it as a new flower bed? It would have good drainage:)

Amber said...

I am sad I missed some sunny days in Washington. The kids are excited to play with your boys now that we are home =).

Amber said...

Oh, BTW I didn't take the pictures of the kids at the park. Jessica did. So you will have to get tips from her.

DJ, Angie, and Amelia said...

That picture of Miles is so cute. What a little man.
Sorry I didn't get your message till later, I hope the lava cakes turned out yummy.
And as far as picture taking goes, I don't have any tips other than I usually use the low flash setting indoors and I take a ton!

LizzyP said...

Hey! Three boys?! Wasn't it just yesterday that Kincaid came into this world? I was so excited that you "ran into me" via blog. That Greenwood Ward sure had a lot of really great people, and Dan and I have frequently wondered about you and Sam and where you ended up. I look forward to following your family .