Wednesday, April 30, 2008

These Days...

Just FYI:  Maybe I'm going a bit overboard on this, but to make sure I am keeping my family as safe as possible I am taking our names off the blog.  I'll use initials or nicknames so those of you who know us will get the idea.  It's sad that its even an issue, but this world we live in can get a little crazy. No, nothing happened, I just read some ideas about online/blog safety and decided I'd up it a notch.  So this post is just to explain why I refer to everyone in nicknames or initials.  


Crew members: said...


It was nice to know that someone else feels my GREEN Guilt!

When you left the ward you were still in school. What are you up to now with that? I am in need of some hair assistance and am just wondering if you do that.



Cailean said...

Very smart! I also kind of hesitate to make our blog private because old friends have found us through our blog...but I am doing the initial thing now too, inspired by you to just do something safer. The only problem is two of our kids have the same initial...:)