Friday, June 10, 2011

The Pressure... and a tube top

Before I decided to start blogging again I had all sorts of (I thought) good ideas of what I could blog about, but now, nothing. Maybe its the pressure of feeling like I need to be profound or funny or clever, or maybe its writers block. Whatever it is, its annoying.
So again I sit here, today with 6 loads of laundry to fold, but with a clean kitchen this time, and here I am trying to think of something to blog about that isn't "I'm always behind."

I just got a fabulous dress from Ross last week, but I have to tack down some elastic from the smocking and take it in a little so it will fit, and that's next on my list after I finish this and fold my laundry. I hope I get that far. One question, in case anyone besides me reads this: I found a super cute tube top the other day. I have no intentions of ever wearing a tube top by itself, for several reasons which you'd all appreciate me for. But, I am seriously toying with the idea of wearing it over a t-shirt. I tried it on over a white half sleeve tee and I thought it was super cute. It is white and grey striped so I could wear it with white or grey, or maybe even another color, if I was feeling crazy, and I imagine it looking cute with a t-shirt, half-sleeve, or long sleeve shirt. My questions is this: is it a total fashion no-no to wear a tube top over a shirt? It is a billowy woven cotton, and of course I would wear it over a fitted knit shirt... I don't really follow fashion trends, and I don't know or normally care about these sorts of rules, but before I break down and wear it, I thought I would see what you fashionista's have to say. But if I keep thinking about it, I might just break down and buy it anyway.


Braydan and Jessica said...

You crack me up :) I would have to see the tube top + shirt idea. I can't visualize it, but if you like it, wear it!

Sarah said...

Hmm... photos? That would help. said...

I'd love to see the dress. Photos would be great to see. I've not seen you blogging for a long time, however. I'm not sure if I see you again some time, but I wish you all the best in your life. Hope your holidays went well too.
Melissa Lords