Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Important Words

So Miles isn't really talking yet, but it sure seems like he started saying 2 words the past couple of days.  Uh-oh and no.  Any guess what I say to him most of the time?  They say if you talk to your kids a lot they learn language faster.  So it makes sense to me the words they learn first/fastest are 1. those that enable them to get what they want (mama, dad, please, etc.) or 2. those that they hear the most.  I guess I need to expand my repertoire of what I say to Miles throughout the day. But really, what else do you say when they thrown their food, pull all the toilet paper off the roll, bite (lovingly, but ouch!), take all the fake moss-stuff from the plant pot and spread it around the room, eat dirt, try to stick their fingers in light sockets, or get into the garbage and start playing with its contents (and that was just this morning!).  
Any ideas?...  One day I will get a "ma-ma," I just know it.


Braydan and Jessica said...

I don't know why Kaleb has never said "no" cause I say it to him all the time too! I've heard Miles babbling a lot so he's talking ...just in his own language :)

Amber said...

You make me laugh! Someday, he'll say mama!

KANDY said...

Just thought i'D SAY hELLO, AND i LOVE THE new background!! :)