Friday, July 11, 2008

Modern Wife

So on several of my friends/families blogs I saw these tests they took that rated them on how good a 1930's husband or wife they would be.  I was curious, plus I love surveys like that so I took the test for me as a wife, then for Sam as a husband.  I couldn't figure out how to paste the results from the test website, so here are the numbers:  As a 1930's wife I got a 58 - I am average.  As a 1930's husband I gave Sam a 135 - very superior.  I already knew Sam was a superior husband, now or 1930's.  I guess average should be ok to me, but I thought I was a pretty good wife - either I was mistaken or I am a better wife for now, and not so much for 70 years ago.  I am going to prevent giving myself a complex and decide that I am just a modern woman - that sounds better, right?  Besides, who always prepares balanced meals on time, wears nightgowns instead of pajamas, doesn't wake-up crabby, and gets dressed for breakfast?
I am going to have Sam take the test for both of us too, then we'll see...

If you want to take the test too here is the site:

Update:  I had Sam take the test for us too and he forgot the actual numbers, but he gave me something in the 100's (very superior) and he gave himself something in the 140's or 150's (even more very superior).  I guess at least in my husband's eyes I am a very superior 1930's wife (except for the fact that he mentioned he may not have been totally honest because he was afraid I might score lower, what a stinker!).


Ashlyn said...

Haha - Angie and I were "Average" 1930's wives too! "Average" is a great place to be... imagine being "Poor!"

Braydan and Jessica said...

That was funny. Don't worry emily, I did bad on it too. I love the one, "Keeps self dainty, perfumed, and feminine." No wonder my grandma is the way she is!!!