Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life is not fair

I was visiting at a friend's house this morning and Henry was having a hard time obeying rules.  He was smelling their bathroom (according to Kincaid, I didn't ask...), taking the backing out from under their rug and running around the house with it in his mouth, he knocked over their guitar, threw his toys around the room, and found all the glass things at eye level he could (just so he could watch me jump up and get him I'm sure).  So finally I made him sit on the couch. Well of course then he started to jump all over their couch and throw the throw blanket and pillows around (I guess he took the term "throw" literally, we really should think up a new name for those).  Anyway, so I told him that we don't jump up and down on couches, if he wants to jump around he can do it outside.  He looks at me says "But dere no couches outside!"  Poor Henry. Oh well.  I took the kids home and after watching Henry run across the street alone  immediately after I told him to wait for me, then run behind a truck backing up, and I made him sit on his bed.  While he was doing that he pulled all the blankets and sheets of his bed and threw them on the floor.  So while yes, there are no couches outside to jump on (which was really cute of him to say at the time, and my main point of this post) and that seems unfair, I had a few bones to pick myself today.


Braydan and Jessica said...

Uh....maybe I don't want to watch Henry tomorrow??? :) jk. He's perfect with other people. Isn't that how it always goes? Sorry for your crazy morning. He does have a point though that there are no couches outside (or anything close to being that jumpable)

KANDY said...

Boys will be Boys!! Don't beat yourself up girl.....we all have our days. :) How was your trip?

Amber said...

Ha! Ha! I am glad VT isn't only hard for me. I love to go but then I dread it at the same time--hoping my kids will behave and let me visit. But lucky you, got to go yesterday with NO kids!! I am jealous.