Tuesday, September 15, 2009

30 Things I Love...

In celebration of my 30th birthday (I LOVE my birthday!) I am making a list of 30 things I love. Things you may or may not know about me and probably don't ever care to, but here they are anyway: (they are in no particular order)
1. My birthday
2. A really good dancing/driving song
3. The first sounds and smells of lawnmowers after a long, wet, rainy winter
4. Food
5. Baked goods
6. Anything with chocolate
7. My husband
8. The little seats in public restrooms where you can strap in a younger child while you help the older child take care of business
9. The smell of barbecues on a sunny day
10. Being a mom of all boys
11. The feeling of the sun on my skin
12. A bowl of cereal and milk just before bed
13. Singing (mostly when I know people aren't listening)
14. Kincaid
15. Henry
16. Miles
17. Having an empty laundry basket and no clothes to fold
18. Looking at my toes when they are tan and newly polished
19. Hot cocoa with hazelnut or almond roca flavoring and lots of whipped cream
20. Shopping (without children and with money to spend preferably)
21. Sweater cardigans
22. The color green (more specifically lime-avocado-ish green)
23. Getting a new pair of great fitting jeans
24. Playing the piano (and singing along, if no one is listening that is)
25. My in-laws, all (30+) of them
26. When people ask me if this is my first baby and then the look on their face when I tell them it's my 4th
27. Baking pies and muffins in the fall
28. My parents, 4 sisters, and their spouses and children
29. When Sam plays with my hair or puts his hand on my arm or the small of my back
30. Fred Meyer's Playland and the race car shopping carts that make my shopping experience so much easier


Braydan and Jessica said...

I love the seats in bathrooms too! I bet a mom invented that :)Happy Birthday again!

KANDY said...

I'm So Sorry I missed your special day.
And I LOVE your list of you fav things!!!
#29 made my laugh.... when you describe how you enjoy when Sam touches your arm or the small of your back!! :) So sweat~
It is the little things isn't it!!!
Maybe I should come up with a list of my fav 35 things!!
I need to stop by next week with your b-day card. I'm lame!

Are you getting close or what???