Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have to lament. I had (notice the past tense here) 4 small beautiful tomatoes growing on my tomato plants; until Miles decided to pick them and throw them around the yard. Those look like the only ones I was going to get too. He also decided it would be fun to pluck the blossoms off of my squash and zucchini plants. My spinach is dead, and I am in a constant battle with bugs to save all my pumpkin, squash, zucchini, basil, and cucumber plants. I had such high hopes after seeing everything do so well up until the last week. The good news is my carrots still look really good and I already have 4 zucchini. I am so sad for all we lost (and may still lose, unless I refuse to let Miles play outside if Sam or I is not out there, but that is not entirely possible at the moment- I'll show pictures later), but at least its better than my first go around. As long as I get a few decent Halloween pumpkins however, I think I will be okay.


Amber said...

OH sadness!!! I hope you get some really nice big pumpkins.
BTW, I called you back tonight. Give me a call in the morning so we can talk about the details.

Braydan and Jessica said...

Sad. Miles! What are we going to do with YOU! Jk. He was just taste testing them a little early :)

KANDY said...

Hang in There!! Boyz will be boyz!! That's just the way it goes. This wasn't a good year for my flowers either. With this dry weather and no rain....they keep dyin on me!! Sad, and the bugs...they keep eating all my plants! Oh well~ what can you do?
I'll c-ya at dinner tonight